Kayban’s Mission

To provide a safe and effective Australian product that protects and maintains skin health through harnessing the power of natural ingredients.


Scientific Panel

Kayban’s product development goal was to formulate a fast acting antibacterial agent that is effective against high potency bacteria. Throughout its years of clinical R&D, Bio3 GUARDIAN is the culmination of pure Australian ingenuity and is backed by an elite group of Australian Medical Researchers.

Professor Andrew Sinclair

Professor Sinclair has become known as one of Australia’s leading nutritionists, with much of his 46-year career devoted to the study of the role of lipids and fatty acids in human health, functional foods, saturated and trans fatty acids and long chain omega 3 fatty acids.

Professor John Turnidge

Dr Turnidge has an illustrious career dedicated to Infectious Diseases and laboratory Microbiology. He is co founder and first President of the Australian Society for Antimicrobials.

Professor Tom Riley

Professor Riley is a microbiologist whose research reflects his background in routine diagnostic clinical microbiology. He is a Professor in the School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at
the University of Western Australia.